The cancer letter was released today.

This was the basic letter that I had released at both schools today, the first day of my leave for the rest of this school year.  Figured if I am going to use this experience as a “teachable moment” (moment- HA!) might as well start right now.

Well, I have some pretty big news I would like to relay to my friends and colleagues at AW, Penta and the FCS Satellite teachers. In March I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and it has been quite a roller-coaster ride that has no brakes (yet, anyways….) This coming Monday I will have a bilateral mastectomy with the beginning of the reconstruction process at St. Vincent’s Hospital. At that time, my Dr. will also evaluate lymph nodes, and as if that weren’t enough, I will most likely have chemotherapy this summer with the possibility of radiation.

I wanted to tell you this after I have had my last day at school (4/29/09) because I needed to focus on “keeping it all together”. Please send your prayers, good thoughts and positive energy to me (AND Dr. Butler and Dr. Barone….after all, they are the destruction and construction managers, phase one).

I’d love to receive optimistic correspondance at xxxxxxx, or send to the JH School office. You could also contact my “angel-friend” at the JH, super nurse, Juli.

The most important thing I have to say though is, please, please take “breast health” seriously, today’s statistics are 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer. I had mammograms every single year (family history) yet should have had the more revealing DIGITAL MAMMOGRAM. I just didn’t know that. If YOU have breasts or YOU LOVE SOMEONE who has them, please talk about this, and then DO SOMETHING about it. See your doctor and ask if you are a candidate for a “digital” mammogram.



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