a whole lotta “lasts”

I woke up at 3 am this morning with so many thoughts of all the “lasts” I have had this week and just had to get this off my chest (haha! A little mastectomy humor!!! I have told myself that joke at least five times this morning and it still cracks me up!!)  I apologize for my writings at this time are not edited as “tight” as they should be….it seems like each minute has an increasing value, and editing my wordy passages is time consuming.  Please forgive me!

Wednesday – The Last Day at School

Well, six weeks ago I planned my last week at school to be busy, and my last day at school to have a reflective lesson for my wonderful Jr. High students ( I just love these kids!!)   Only a few  teachers and staff at school knew anything about my having cancer, so the kids didn’t know I was saying “goodbye” to them for the school year in my own way.  I had a bellringer (a quote, and opening of a lesson that sets the tone for the period) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” 

I felt absoutely compelled to choose that quote over a more topical one, went with my gut feeling, and used it.  I was so glad I did, for as the day wore on, I realized it was my loving “send off ” to them, but also a message for myself, too, to embody “boldness” this week.    I had been dreading my last day at school and thought it would be a real dive into the emotional basement, but it really wasn’t at all.  What it was though, when all the kids and staff had left the building and I was still tying up all the loose ends, was exhausting.  That’s all, just exhausting.  Exhaustion was a relief, I can handle that. 

Thursday – The Last “Cut and Color”

Last month, I thought, “if it looks like I am going to be sipping chemotheraphy cocktails this Spring and Summer, I bet I’m going to loose my hair.  If I’m going to loose my hair, the last cut and color better be a fun one!”  So I packed a picnic basket with a lovely red wine, fresh mozzarella rolled in proscuitto and marinated with a light pesto, Syd and Diane’s Feta Cheese Spread, some fabulous crackers and fresh, still warm-to-the-touch homemade white chocolate chip cookies.  Much to my surprise, the salon was empty, once again, super hair designer, Cindi, had gone out of her way for me.  We laughed, ate and drank!  I decide to get a shorter sassy haircut, and had so much fun.  I am lucky to have such wonderful people in my life!

Friday – The Last Supper

Well, obviously it is not really the “last supper” but I can’t help using the phrase.  Sorry, Jesus.  It actually was the “last date” for a while with Lou.  For a day it was in jeopardy, as we realized that neither one of us had scheduled a babysitter for the boys.  “Super-nurse” Juli came to the rescue though and found a willing sitter from the teaching staff at AW.  Thank-you Christine for volunteering!! 

Lou and I got all dressed up in fancy clothes, I even wore hosiery and high heels, and went out to dinner to an Italian Restaurant we had never been to called “Rosies”.   It was really nice, as it always is, to have a relaxing dinner with my husband.  I was quite surprised though when Lou pulled a little box tied with a satin ribbon out of his pocket…..when I saw it was from Licata Jeweler’s,  I knew exactly what it was!  Lou had them design a pair of earrings that matches my “family’ ring.   I had asked for these some time ago, but was not expecting this now.  They are beautiful, with all of our birthstones in them, and are a real keepsake.  Thanks Lou, that was a lovely “Early Mother’s Day” gift, and I appreciate you so much more than I probably show.


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2 Responses to “a whole lotta “lasts””

  1. Cheryl Deutsch Says:

    Dear Kaylynne, You made me cry once again. I didn’t know you’d added these new thoughts. You expressed the intimacy and gift of surprise. Here’s to wearing those stockings soon again (I know as busy as you are they’re washed and ready), so you and Lou can celebrate when the rock bottoms out and falls from mammary to memory. I’m also trying to be entertaining; I might be pushing that rocky wordy envelope a bit. Just remember menus are easy to lift. xxs and I’m going to call you now.

  2. kaylynne50 Says:

    Thanks, love you!

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