A letter to my breasts

Dear little ‘ole breasts,

I woke up early this morning thinking about you both, and how sorry I am that an invader has taken up residence in the left darling little breast.  Life is so unfair, and it is most unfair to you my dears.  Once again, I am so sorry

I guess I was a bit careless in watching out for both of you.  Since I have a sister with breast cancer, maybe I should have been militant about those self- exams, but the very thing that made you so beautiful is the thing that made me careless.  Dense breast tissue is so….well, dense, and it all feels like a big lump.  I really only half-heartedly gave a little self exam, every……oh, every other month or so?  Always figured I was having a medical professional examine you like clockwork every year, PLUS I haven’t missed a yearly mammogram in 12 years, except for when you were really working for those babies.

And speaking of functionality, boy were you girls on top of it!  You two have always been GREAT!   I know many people complain about the size of their breasts, but not me…you girls always looked fabulous!  Your attractiveness, I’m sure, perhaps helped open plenty of little doors here and there.  Oh I know it is not politically, feministly correct to admit to that, but it is true.  And I respected you for that, never, ever did I  “flash” you crudely, or pierce you needlessly.  I always got the nicest brassiere’s I could afford, and dressed you like the beautiful ladies you are. 

And how about those years of breast feeding!?!  Wow, were you two champs or what!?!  Breast feeding two babies!   An amazing thing!   You provided the best nutrients on the face of the earth for two  beautiful little baby boys.  They loved you, you provided more than enough for them, and I was in awe of your abilities.  I never, ever saw breast feeding as a chore.  It was an honor and a gift to sit down and relax with those children I cherish at my breasts.  Thank you, thank you a million times over for allowing me to have those precious memories.  Brings tears to my eyes as I write this.

So it is time to say goodbye.  I am so sorry left breast  that you have a big rock growing inside and I know that  it is traumatic for you, for lately I have really experienced the pain in increasing doses, too.  Can’t imagine how you have been feeling for probably a long time. 

And right side girl, oh my dear.  I suppose it is most sad for you.  No obvious involvement in cancer, yet you gotta go too?   I am so, so sorry, but those babies you nourished and my very life depends upon you taking your exit as well.  Perhaps you will forgive me…

I don’t know what else I can say.  I have loved you (and others have too).  I will miss you, and will always remember how good you were to me.  I promise I will work to educate others of the nastiness of cancer in the best way I know how, so perhaps this experience we have to endure will not be in vain.

with great sadness,



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