Joys, Milestones and Concerns

At MVUUC (my Unitiarian Church), every service includes a place for those in attendance to come up to a microphone, light a candle and express their joy, milestone or concern. This is what I said Sunday:
Today I have all three:  joys, a milestone and concerns, and I want to begin with the milestone.

Today is the last day that I will possess all my original parts, for tomorrow I am having surgery, a bilateral mastectomy. So by tomorrow night, there will be a “new me”, a bit bruised, I’m sure, and in transition……
My concern is for my lymph nodes. If you want to pray, or send good thoughts, or white light or whatever it is you do in your mind for others….please think of my lymph nodes as being exceedingly clear and clean, and my doctors as being exceptionally skilled.
My joys……..are many………(at this point my voice cracked and wavered, and it took a few seconds and all the strength in the world to continue)….First, my sister has arrived from Dallas to take over “mom” duties, and we are so grateful for her. My husband for being supportive, and for this place, this community for the sense of family, all the love and caring support you provide.  Thank-you.


I just love this group of people.  If you could hand pick a great big group of the best moms and dads and cousins and sisters and big brothers and quirky, but loveable neighbors, they would be all the people in my church.  I am so lucky to have them in my life.


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One Response to “Joys, Milestones and Concerns”

  1. Lori Hackathorn Says:

    Today is the 6th, I have been holding you in white light since the news.
    I imagine you are sore, trying to figure out how your new body works.

    I know hearing the “C” word is life altering. I heard it 5 years ago. I know
    the roller coaster you feel you have been on. All of the new medical lingo to
    learn, all of the new faces and machines to become familiar with…

    You were surrounded by love, are surrounded by love, and will be surrounded by love.
    It’s a blessing that you own it!

    Lori H.

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