too scared….

The phone call

I didn’t actually get to have this conversation today because I was in one of my pain and drug induced marathon sleeping sessions, but this is how I think the phone call went:

“Hello?  This is Dr. Butler’s office and we wanted to let KayLynne know that the Pathology report is “in”. ” 

“Oh, no, Dr. Butler is out for the rest of the week.  Oh, no, I can’t possibly interpret the report”.  

So, there it is.  The good news is, the pathology report, the key to my summer “vacation”, has been determined and delivered.  The bad news is, I don’t know what it contains.  Actually, I’m too scared to just get the results by phone, so I think I’ll just wait one more excruciating day until my next appointment with Dr.Barone on wednesday.

I’ll let you all know here first.


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