Random thoughts of gratitude

“take me to St. V’s”

It occurred to me the other day that I had not mentioned how nice all the nurses, supervisors, and other staff were on the “Burn Unit” at St. Vincent’s Hospital.  I was too “out of it” to remember their names, but I truly felt well cared for.  The floor was nice and quiet, food was pretty good, and all the nurses actually seemed to care about me and my recovery. It was kinda weird when they were so happy about all the “pee”, but I guess body fluids are their thing.  I appreciated all you did for me!

xoxo to AWJH students

I have always known I loved teaching Junior High School, but after this experience, I don’t know if you could ever separate me from 7th and 8th graders. The large stack of “get well” and “you can do it” and  “don’t give up” cards I received from my many students (and even from some kids not in my classes!) is just the best mail I have ever received in my life!  To my students: you are the BEST ever…you really “get it” and I am the luckiest teacher around!  JBN!

 XOXOXOXOXO to administrators and teachers, too  

I really do know that I have the best job in the market.  My teacher friends have gone “above and beyond” to help and support me, and the administrators have demonstrated love, care and concern.  What more can you ask for?  How did I ever get so lucky?

Friends and Unitarians  

Wow.  You know, some of you I know I must have shocked a little, and I was so selfish.  Please forgive me.  I needed to practice saying that awful word “cancer” out loud when I really barely believed it myself, and I am sure I was insensitive to your responses.  Probably seemed a little cavalier about it even….  I told you first because I felt safe with you.  Again, know that I love you and appreciate you.

To the friends I told last  

You are the ones I couldn’t tell right away, because I was afraid any fear or sympathy or concern you might express might just reduce me to a puddle of emotions, and I knew I wasn’t strong enough yet to handle that.  For a few of you, it is the depth of our friendships and the breadth of our love and our lifes’ connections…..I didn’t have the inner strength to tell you because I didn’t want to hurt you….oh, I know it all sounds so ridiculous now, but just know it is because I love you all so much. 

This is only a partial list of everyone I owe a debt of gratitude.  I thank the universe for putting the right people in my life at the right times.


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