Well, yesterday, after a week of great internal fear and debate I amazingly, easily came to a chemo-decision.  By the time I left for the appointment with Dr.Mowat (the oncologist….I have taken to calling him my “onco-man”), I had a page full of questions and a briefing sheet for him.

The “briefing sheet” had a photo of my family this past Christmas at the top.  In big red letters I pointed out each person:  Kay-Lynne is 50.  Lou, her husband is 10 years older. Charlie is only 8, Louie is 10 and has special needs.  KayLynne needs  to live at least 10 more years to get those kids through HIGH SCHOOL, and they must be good years, too, not sick.  Then I outlined what I thought were the important stats from my Pathology report like the tumor size, hormone positivity, lymph node involvement, etc.  You know,  just to have all the facts there and obvious.  Of course I assume onco-man knew all of this already, but I guess I just wanted that color family photo and document of patient involvement in my file.

My decision is to choose the more conservative route of therapy, the TAC chemo cocktail for 6 rounds in 3 week intervals.  I will still need hormone therapy (to block my hormones because my cancer is estrogen and progesterone positive) and I may choose to participate in a clinical trial for that. I’m going to research that trial over the weekend and make a decision on Monday.  If I don’t choose the trial, then it’s Tamoxifan for me.

NOT any “port” in a storm.

Well, I think I may be stirring up a little storm today with my cancer surgeon who is scheduled to put a port in my body to make the next 18 weeks of chemo easier.  Her method, like every other doctor in Toledo is to place the Port in the chest. Let me tell you something about my skinny cut-up chest.  It doesn’t want the port.  My chest is stretched skin (to make up for the loss of skin) big scars and one side “expanded” to 250 cc’s.  So the skin on both sides of my chest is tight, hurts, and would like no more scars.  

Onco-man told me about a method they are using at U of M where they place the port in the upper arm and women love it. It is one less stress to their chest area, one less scar, too.  Wow, did that sound good to me!  When I went on line to research this…..only confirmed my thoughts.  If there are any complications with a port in your chest, the equipment is so close to your heart….infections can be very bad, parts of the port can fall off and travel….ummmm to your heart.  At least if you have a problem with a port in your arm, there is a little distance there, an infection, while serious, may not spread so quickly to the traumatized areas.  So this is my next fight/decision/delimma.  The Port issue.  How do I get what I want in Toledo?  Is there a “Port Authority” for this kind of thing?


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One Response to “Decisions”

  1. gaely Says:

    You go stir up that storm if you have to—–it’s YOUR body! Power to the well informed woman–you!!!

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