Not so fast, “bucko”

So, remember my last post how I had so easily come to a decision about the chemo plan?   Well, I have changed my mind a bunch of times since then.  Since I found out my cancer surgeon will not put a “port” in my upper arm, I have decided to pursue another option to see if  I can get this procedure at U of M (where my onco-man suggested it is currently being done.)  I have spent hours on the web and on U of M sites in the last day, and I think I am ready to cancel the pre-op appointment coming up this Thursday at St. Anne’s (in Toledo).  

Now, I just have to be sure Medical Mutual will allow me to travel for this procedure……and since I am doing that, I think I want a second opinion on the chemo plan too.  I can hardly believe I am saying that. I’m worried that I am making a big decision too quickly.  I’d do more comparison shopping for a pair of shoes than I have for chemotherapy.  That’s a sobering thought.

I’m worried about the insurance, worried about the “port”, worried about the “plan”, and worried about my kids.  All the while, I keep thinking I should really try to have a good time now, before “chemo” starts and the likely nasty side effects decide to cozy up inside my little ol’ body.


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