A whole new day

Wow….life has been ticking away at quite a quick little clip that I haven’t had a chance to post any comments…and things have been looking up, too.  I think the last thing I wrote was some silly little wishy-washy-worry-wort mess.  

Since last Friday when I was concerned that I had made too quick of a decision on treatment options post-mastectomy, I have worked the phones quite a bit, talked to lots of Doctors, Nurses, insurance people, and schedulers, and now I have an appointment at University of Michigan next Tuesday for an evaluation/second opinion on treatment options for BC post-surgery.  This, I am extremely happy about!  

And to think, all of this has been driven by the lowly “arm-port”.   The “port” is the delivery system by which one receives the poison that is known as chemotherapy.  And the mix of caustic drugs is best delivered directly into the superior vena cava, the biggest vein going into the heart, where the drugs are swooshed around and diluted with a bunch of other blood  before it is delivered to the arteries and then out into the the rest of the body to look for any cell that might be dividing…..like hair cells, fingernail cells, skin cells, and also….cancer  cells.  Then each drug in your chemo mix has a different function, but together they seek to kill those dividing cells.  So….losing your hair as a result of chemotherapy is a “good thing” it shows that the drugs are doing their job!  (This is my new perspective and I’m going to stick with it!!)  But really, the more research I have done, the more fascinating it all is.

So this week has been busy with gathering records, doing lots of thinking, all the while preparing for a couple of brief appearances at school to see the kids, and let them see me…see that I am looking good, and I’ll be OK.  

My next post is going to tell you about the MAGIC that occurred at school, and why I now really know that I have the best job ever.  Right now though I have to get ready to pick up records at Dr. B’s office.


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