The good part about getting cancer…

 As I think about my first chemo appointment coming up, I am a little bit apprehensive, I have no idea how well my fifty year old body will take the toxic mix of meds.  I keep looking for the bright side… matter how dark the humor is………..

Kay-Lynne’s Top 10 List of all the good things about cancer!

10 –   Lots of people send you cool things.  I have received some of the coolest gifts ever, lots of flowers, neat music I never would have found on my own, new pajamas, and cool little good luck tokens.  And it is not even close to my birthday or Christmas !

9 –  Snail Mail.  I have always loved receiving personal cards and letters in the mail and now I get them every week!  If you have sent me anything, thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!  I really love mail!

8 – Surrogate parents – So many people have been checking up on me, it’s almost like having a dozen or more loving parents out there.  So glad I found the Unitarians in Bowling Green, like the family I didn’t know I yearned for.

7 – Boy, you’ll really find out who your friends are – Of course we all have heard some version of this uttered by our parents when we were kids….but I really HAVE found out who my best friends are….and you all know who you are because I have talked to you in the last couple weeks.

6 – V is for Victory – If you live in northwest Ohio at least, having cancer means you get to go to the “Victory Center”* and connects you with people who care about you, even though they don’t know you.  When the rest of your world knows you by your “dis-ease”, your new friends at the Victory Center seek to assist you find balance and wellness through the possibilities of your own healing abilities.  All services are free to cancer patients.  I love this place….but I can’t wait until I “can’t” come here anymore.

 5 – Get to meet new people.  I have met more people since BC diagnosis last March, and it has kind of been like “speed dating”…within seconds we know our similarities and are discussing intensely personal topics.   To go from strangers to kinship in 60 seconds………priceless!

4 – Rare opportunity to improve my “latin” – All of those terms in my pathology report like: lymphadenoapathy, immunohistechemistry, angiolymphatic, and immunoperoxidase stains sent me running to the basement for all my OLD anatomy and physiology college textbooks.  It is surprising how much knowledge comes back to you with a little nudging of old brain cells!

3 – New Fashions! – Since the surgery, I have learned two things about my body and my wardrobe.  Most of the “tops” won’t work anymore.  First there is the whole single boob issue….so far Dr. B has only reconstructed one side, the cancer side has to wait  :^(  and the “good side” is significantly more “out there” than the C-side.  Looks weird.  Second thing, the whole neuropathy issue……….anything that comes to a normal place in the underarm area sends me to that special insane place in my mind. 

2 – New knowledge about Medicine & Politics – Lucky me that I have a good job and great insurance.  I‘m covered!!  But I can’t help but think about all the people who are not covered by insurance, and something like cancer can devastate a families finances and jeopardize their health care.  I think Universal Health Care is the way to go…..if government covered health care is good enough for our elected representatives, it is good enough for me.  Why don’t they want the average citizen to have access to that?

And the #1 reason why cancer is cool?  Well, any of them could be anyones number one reason, but this is mine.

1 – An appreciation of all the little things in life.   Yesterday I took Charlie out to buy a new baseball mitt.   I paid more for it than I wanted to, but it just didn’t matter.  All that mattered was that I got my son a mitt, and today I get to go pick up Henry, and take both boys to the park .  I can’t wait to see their dirty little faces sucking up their “flavor-ice’s”!

 *  The Victory Center is an amazing place………. a nonprofit organization worthy of your support.

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One Response to “The good part about getting cancer…”

  1. sheila bergey Says:

    This is an fabulous list from an amazing person. As the daughter, niece, cousin and friend to cancer survivors, I share your POV about the #1. We have all changed our perspective on what is most important and we make time for each other in new and fun ways.

    Take care of you.

    Sheila Bergey
    President & COO
    Lindi Skin

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