Feeling better tonight

Well, I spent time talking to friends today, and I think the tremendous anxiety I felt overnight and this morning about beginning chemotherapy has subsided a bit.  I know in the end that all will be OK, even if it might not be pleasant.  I continue to be amazed at how the universe has turned for me.  Today, the right words have come from the right people at the right moment.  So….I will continue to have faith.

Oncology Nurse Marleen called from U of M late this afternoon, just to ask about any questions I might have, and to tell me what to expect tomorrow (Thursday.)  I am so glad I made the decision to go north.

Tomorrow I will have my husband, my AW friends necklace (“the rosary”), the good luck charms from California, my prayer shawl, and all will be fine as long as I have faith. 

I am so grateful for so many things, but especially for all of you.


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2 Responses to “Feeling better tonight”

  1. JBBC Says:

    My heart goes out to you – I really know what you are going through. I dreaded the chemotherapy and I fought against having it all as I feared for the effects it would have on my fertility (but that’s another story..) Now I am not going to tell you it is a walk in the park – how could it be?! But, you WILL get through it and it is easier for some than others (physical side effects I mean), so hey you could be one of the lucky ones who experience less side effects. But whatever way it effects you, just count down each session and promise yourself a big treat at the end of it all. Be brave. You can do it and you will come out the other side.

  2. kaylynne50 Says:

    I am being infused as I write…other than an immediate flushy reaction at the beginning, this is OK. I am optimistic that I might do ok.

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