chemo cocktails at 8, don’t be late

Well, here I am in a lovely and comfortable bed at U of M Infusion Unit, and have just received the cytoxin in my IV line.  This is my second IV drug, I began at about 5:15 pm with Taxotere, but immediately had a flushy-throbbing reaction.  The quick reaction time of the nurses is quite admirable…… nurse Nancy came in quickly to stop the infusion, and called Dr. S for further directions.  She was back within ten minutes and added a counteracting med to my line and then s-l-o-w-l-y resumed the infusion.  That time it was OK.

So far I have watched a few videos on “TED”**, dozed off a little, and talked to Lou and Bill, my “chemo-buds” for the day.  This, so far, is not too bad.  I think the next few days will tell how well I handle the potential side effect of nausea.  Jane, the nurse practicioner for  my Doc made it very clear to me that if any of my nausea meds don’t “do the trick”, I am to call her right away so she can prescribe something different, something that will work for the unique set of systems that is me.  This exact sentiment has been reiterated several times throughout the day, if I feel ANY side effects, I am to call, they want to know.  I don’t know if all medical centers are this responsive to their patient needs, but I have a lot of positive things to say about my experience here so far at University of Michigan.

It is about 9:15 and Nancy said I am almost done so I will publish this post.  So far, so good!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

By the way, Nancy had no problem putting the IV in my vein.  She easily choose a vein in my hand, and painlessly inserted the IV.  NO PORT NECESSARY (so far anyways.)

**TED – A great site that “Cool-Paula” turned me on to.    Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.  Go there!  You’ll thank me for directing you there!


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One Response to “chemo cocktails at 8, don’t be late”

  1. Cathy Z Says:

    You did it! The first one down. As the previous comment said, not a walk in the park, but you will endure.
    I am pleased to hear you like U of M, as you know – had really like going there. They put my IVs in my hand too – did not seem to have a problem.
    Stay strong sister!!! Love Ya!!!

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