post chemo, day three, tired but OK.

Well, today is Father’s Day, and I felt a little bad that all Daddy got was a simple poached egg breakfast, cards and gift cards…and then he was on his own.  Actually, I’m glad I could at least pull that together.

Because I am pretty good at following directions, I got up and walked this morning for 20 minutes to test the hypothesis about daily exercise keeping the nausea at bay.  (So far, we are winning that war!) But by the time I got back home, all I could do was just sit on the front porch.  I really wanted to go to church, but it was more effort than I could muster, so I just read the Toledo Blade from cover to cover. 

Eventually I got up and puttered around the house doing laundry and other mundane chores, but by early afternoon, I was pooped out again.  I guess the “fatigue” is a real side effect of poison in your body.  I hope it stays at this level and doesn’t intensify, but that is not what I have been led to expect.  :^(     But, I guess the good news is that if you really listen to your body, and rest when it asks you to, you get a little reward of a little more energy. 

So, I guess that is the new normal for this week anyways…..a few hours up, and then a few hours down.


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One Response to “post chemo, day three, tired but OK.”

  1. GeorgeAnne Baldridge Says:

    Hi KayLynne!

    Well, I could not sleep and have been out of town since finishing work (on the 18th) so I decided to log on to your site and see how you were doing. I read every entry from today all the way back and – just like I thought it would be – find all of them written from the heart, honest, and sprinkled with humor throughout. What an amazing story you have so far and I am so impressed and motivated with your spirit. I will continue to stay in touch perodically. Take care – I think of you often and you are certainly in my prayers.


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