Sneaky chemo, so “not nice”

So here it is Wednesday, 6 days after my first infusion of chemo-drugs, and I have been up and down on the roller-coaster a few more times. 

Sunday night and monday provided quite an experience for my body…..pain deep in my bones, at moments, even breath-taking, but all fairly tolerable due to the transient nature of the sensations.  Each point of pain only lasted for 5 seconds or so before it moves on to attack another innocent section of my skeletal system. 

On Monday I choose to accept, embrace, and rise above the assaults.  Then on Tuesday, a respite of sorts.  Pain that was merely annoying, not challenging at all.  It seemed my nervous system traded fatigue for pain, which is a perfectly acceptable deal to me at this point in the game.  Made me think the worst of the side affects for this round of chemo was behind me.  Today (Wednesday) I even got up and resumed my promise to exercise, and walked for 15 minutes early this morning.  Still felt good after that, so I tended to my neglected roses with my new pruning shears for a little while.  Amazingly, still had enough life in me to help Super-Unitarian-Friend-Marilyn completely clean out my refrigerator.  That was good therapy–having a neat and sparkly refrigerator always makes me happy (I know that sounds wierd, but when you love and work with food like I do, the fridge can be a wild place at times…) 

All this activity pooped me out so I just took it easy all afternoon.  The boys had a play-date at the pool for the whole afternoon, so I had lovely peace and quiet.  Thought I might actually have it in me to really “prepare” dinner, but sneaky stinkin’ chemo came up and bit me big time .  This time, real pain deep in the back of my hips………..and it is not  transient at all.

I am trying really hard to be patient, but I am so discouraged tonight.


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One Response to “Sneaky chemo, so “not nice””

  1. Annette Says:

    Hang in there! I know that is so easy for me to say but I believe you can do it! No one has you spirit and spunk..that is what will get you through this.
    I’ll see you on Monday with another round of food for you and the fam!

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