From Rhubarb Pie Bliss to Chemotherapy Haircut….what a day….

Rhubarb from the back yard, eggs from Bill

Rhubarb from the back yard, eggs from Bill

You know, yesterday I woke up early and knew the first thing I was going to do was make that Rhubarb Pie.  My friend Martha was so generous to send four beautiful homemade crusts to me because she somehow found out that I was bummed out about the fact that I don’t yet have the stamina and strength to make a pie crust and the filling for the pie, too.  Stupid cancer. 

I love making pie.  I could talk and talk about pies, pie-making, and what a good home-made piece of pie can do for the soul.  Life is too short to eat “store-bought” pie, and good pie must be shared.  When I had my first baby (Louie) in 1998, I became a stay-at-home-mom and decided that I needed some kind of little research project that I could work on at home to provide a distraction from the obsession I had of adoring that beautiful little baby boy every second of the day.  I thought that logically, I should become a champion cookie maker, since cookies and kids just go together naturally, but try as I might, I couldn’t find a passion for cookie baking. 

Then, I came up with pie.  At the time, we were living in Scottsdale, not exactly a pie center of the world, but having grown up in Ohio, I had a pretty good idea about what made a great pie.  It was a good match for me.  I found that it can be tough to make a great flaky piecrust in the desert, but eventually I was able to produce a respectable pie.  And here’s one thing I learned, when you have a good pie, you must share it.  Share with neighbors, friends, your secretary, co-workers, or whoever appears in your life on the day the pie is made. 


Two Rhubarb Custard Pies with a modified "dutch-apple' topping and a little Wheat-free Rhubarb dessert.

Two Rhubarb Custard Pies with a modified "dutch-apple' topping and a little Wheat-free Rhubarb dessert.

So making and sharing a great pie, is really kind of like a religious experience to me.  It’s what “love thy neighbor” is all about, and at the same time, makes me feel good, too.  Yesterday, I knew I needed a good karma infusion, so Rhubarb Custard Pie was the first thing on my agenda. 

So, Charlie helped pick the rhubarb, Bill gathered the eggs, Martha made the pie-crusts, and I chopped and mixed the filling and baked the pie. One pie went to Martha, Bill & cool-Paula, and we kept the other one, parsing out some nice pieces to neighbors Lucille & Bill and Pat.  I figured that had to be worth at least a heaping cupfull of good vibes…..because I figured I needed it for the chemotherapy haircut planned for later in the evening.

Stupid Chemotherapy Haircut

I knew I wouldn’t do well with letting my hair just fall out in dribs and drabs, so when Dr. Schott, my Oncologist gave me the “estimated time of fall-out” I made an appointment to get a short haircut.  I thought that perhaps it wouldn’t be such a shock to my system if I went from my midlength thick curly hair (that was my hair, at the top of the blog) to short hair, before going to no hair.  Cindi, a great stylist, cut it short-short, like I asked for.  I hate it-hate-it.  I spent last night and some of today being grumpy-grumpy.  Realistically, I guess it isn’t all that bad, I just can’t look at a mirror and admit to liking it very much.  Suddenly without the cover of intensely curly hair, it seems as if all my imperfections have been magnified, and at 50 years old, I have my share.  So I guess I need more make-up and “bling”……yet, at the same time I am ashamed of myself for being so….superficial.  My God, I only need 4 chemo treatments, and here I am whining about my hair….  So that’s it.  No more complaining from me.  I am grateful for all that I have, so many marvelous friends and a good husband and kids. 


3 Responses to “From Rhubarb Pie Bliss to Chemotherapy Haircut….what a day….”

  1. Radio Focus Says:

    ohh…that loks very yami!

  2. Cathy Z Says:

    It stinks loosing your hair. Of course it is upsetting, don’t feel bad about being upset over this.. It SUCKS!

  3. Neighbor Pat Says:


    Just ate that amazing pie. Delicious! Thank you.

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