How do you pull out the chemo-stubble on top of your head?

Well, now that’s a question I never dreamed I’d spend half a day wondering about!

So.  Last night, I went to cool-Paula’s house to get a shave.  Entire head.  Good thing her teenage daughter was there to drive the clippers while Paula collected the hair.   We even shaved a mohawk in place just for fun, but 50 year old women with salt & pepper hair don’t look that good in mohawks.  So off it all came.  I thought I might be a bit more crabby than I am about it, but for now I’m just avoiding mirrors. 

Talk aboout a transition.  I haven’t yet gone out into the general public with the new look, but I just got a call from Mill’s Hardware telling me my screens are ready.  I think I’ll see if I have the nerve to walk in without the ballcap to pick ’em up.  (Probably not.)

So here I am.  One roly-poly round partly constructed breast, one sad, not-ready-for-construction cancer chest, shaved, five-o’clock-shadow-head, and believe it or not, I really feel pretty much “OK”.

Except for the creepy stubble icky feeling on top of my head. 

So, other than shaving, how DO you get the 1/16th inch stubble out!!  Please respond with any and all ideas!  I’ll try about anything at this point….what do I have to lose?  I’ll report back here the best solution.


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2 Responses to “How do you pull out the chemo-stubble on top of your head?”

  1. dawn h-s Says:

    Did you ever figure out how to get rid of that stubble? I hate, hate, hate mine. Your hair journey sounds quite a bit like mine, including the temporary mohawk. I also had a henna tattoo done on my scalp. You can see pics at

  2. deanne Says:

    why not Nair? if it works on bikini areas…

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