no nerve

So, no, I didn’t have the nerve to take the hat off today, day 1 of baldness.  I went to the hardware store, and raspberry-picking at  Rich and Susan’s home and then to the grocery store.  Felt a little exposed and embarrassed by all the grey hair.  I know how stupid that sounds.  I kind of have a Sean Connery look going, except not so handsome or tanned.

Tomorrow maybe I’ll just leave the hat at home.  I’m going to cancer friendly places, The Victory Center for energy work with Veronica and then to Dr. Barones office.  Except at Barone’s,  all the women who work there are really beautiful, then there will be me, the ugly duckling.  I have really taken to admiring women with beautiful hair, nice clothes and attractive figures (OK, I admit it, I am looking at their breasts………. with a little sadness, but mostly admiration.) 

Sound kind of pathetic, don’t I?  Well, don’t feel too sorry for me, it’s really not all that bad.  I had a bit of bad luck in drawing the cancer card, but overall, things could be so much worse.  I am truly grateful for all I have, and that starts with all my friends, like you.  Thank you again for the cards, emails, food, gifts and love.



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One Response to “no nerve”

  1. deanne Says:

    “sean connery” lol!… i haven’t shaved yet but i am getting close to feeling that way too 🙂

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