well, the good news is…

that I do not have an infection.  On Friday, Dr. Barone (plastic surgeon) saw me, and explained why the skin was red and why it was not an infection.  That is the good news.  The other good news is that he, and his nurses and office staff are so wonderful.  You really feel like they really care.  My rollercoaster is on the slow  ticka,  ticka,  ticka  incline again.

So, we will go again to Ann Arbor next Thursday to get Chemotherapy #2 (of four).  Once again, the mental preparation begins.   Lucky for me, I have a reiki appointment at the Victory Center** with Tom on Monday.  That is a good energy buzz to look forward to.


**BTW, The Victory Center is a great resource in NW Ohio that supports and educates Cancer patients and their families, free of charge.  The services I have received and the people I have met here I count as one of my many blessings that has come into my life since my diagnosis with Breast Cancer last March.  When you support the Victory Center your gift stays here in our community.


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One Response to “well, the good news is…”

  1. Heather E. Arquette Says:

    Kaylynne-I have caught up on the website and you need to realize that you are gorgeous the way you are. You walk tall and proud of all that is going on and you are not going to let it stop you. You have many that are behind you, and few walking with you in this journey of life. Please remember that you are an awesome person and that shines through in more ways than you will ever know. Just be nice!!! Love you Heather (Please note that it is 12:35 am and I am not sleeping) It is catchy.

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