Another quick post

So today I’ve been asked to be a bit player on the Channel 11 Saturday morning show (at 8:15 am), in a segment to promote “Chick’s For Charity” fundraiser coming up next Wednesday at the Toledo Botannical Gardens.  Chicks for Charity is another cool group of women who just do fundraising, and their charity for the next two years is The Victory Center.  I will be the token cancer patient and hopefully I’ll get 20-30 seconds to say something fabulous about how much the Victory Center has helped me emotionally and physically with this daunting time in my life. 

Do I have the nerve to go on television without a hat, with all uneven stubbly hair???


3 Responses to “Another quick post”

  1. gaely Says:

    Yes you can!

  2. kaylynne50 Says:

    yea, I did….but when I caught a glimpse of myself in the monitor, I thought……awwwwww, that doesn’t look all that good. It is still kind of hard to see yourself with no hair….getting used to it a little…..but don’t exactly care for it. Maybe I’ll get a good photo to post…..

  3. Annette Says:

    Way to go girl! You looked great! Even without hair, the Kay Lynne we love was doing her thing! You did such a great always know what to say and you did it so well..I’ll see you tomorrow with food..

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