7 days post chemo, all’s not well.

So this time it took 6 days after chemo to feel kind of bad and 7 to feel really bad all over.   Not unbearable, but not good.

As if that is not bad enough, I had an eye appointment today, just thought I would be receiving a new prescription for contacts and glasses.  My eyes have really seemed to gotten a lot worse lately.

Imagine my surprise when my doc said, “I want you to see a Retina Specialist within a week.”  Apparently he saw something in the back of the eye that needs attention soon to be sure there is not any danger of a retina detachment.  I don’t think it sunk in until way after I left his office (probably because my eye was numbed and really dilated…..that was distracting enough when you already don’t feel good.)

So next week:  Tuesday – Retina Specialist,  Thursday – Radiology Consultation.

I need all the good vibes, or prayers or whatever ‘ya got for me next week.


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One Response to “7 days post chemo, all’s not well.”

  1. cathy z Says:

    What the Hell!
    Pull from us the strength you need – together we will hold you up!
    stay strong when needed and relax when you can.

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