rollercoaster takes a turn up….

 Well, two days ago I felt awful physically, and got bad news (?) from my Optometrist.  I consciously decided to not be upset about the eye news until I know more after Tuesday.  There.  Done with that.  As for the bone pain, it, too, is slowly taking leave of my limbs.  Yesterday and today I have been more active, choosing to push through the pain, and have been mostly successful in ignoring it, at least until I slow down.  Then, I kind of pay for it, but it is nothing that three Motrin’s won’t modify.

The reason I decided to ignore the bad stuff yesterday was because coolPaula had arranged for an interesting whirling dervish of a woman named Gaya to come to her home and cook some lovely Indian food, talk about life, mandalla’s and energy forces, and teach a brief meditation exercise.

025017a spicy vegetable mix


Here is what I learned:

  1. Not only do Indian women talk really fast, they cook really fast.  I was paying very close attention and taking notes, while I was helping to prepare four complete and beautiful Indian dishes, yet I couldn’t repeat any of the dishes, except maybe the rice noodles on my own.
  2. There are different kinds of cumin, and the cumin we usually cook with won’t work in this type of cooking…..Gaya called it:  “gigantic cumin, it ruins everything!”
  3. In India, food is used as a healer…..Fresh Food gives Fresh Thinking.
  4. My notes say: “Celestial wholeness…..Mandalla is wholeness within yourself.”  It was profound at the time, that’s all I can say. 

I’m not sure how much I gained as far as knowledge of Indian foods, or understanding of the “inquiry method of meditation”.  But this I do know.  There is nothing more fun than getting together and preparing food together, especially when you have a “director” of sorts.  Preparing and sharing food together is good medicine, for me anyways.  I resolve to, when I am “more better”, invite friends over more often for dinner, AND have the preparation of the foods be a part of the entertainment.

Chinese Dragonboat Festival

So early this morning, the weather was awful, and I wasn’t sure we were going to make it to the Dragonboat Festival, but at exactly 10:15 it stopped raining, and I managed to get the boys up and out the door by 10:45 to go to the Dragonboat Festival down at International Park.  Amazingly, there was no resistance, no whining, no “Idon’wanna”s” from either kids, and we arrived just in time for one of the Dragonboat races.  Both boys seemd to think it was cool, and so did I. 


The weather really cleared up, it was breezy, but just the right kind of breeze, enough to kick the stink off of Toledo and make it…actually kind of cool.  We arrived in time to see Kathy and Linda in the Tai Chi demonstration, and the boys got to pick up “kid stuff” and buy pop and play games and win prizes.  So there was something in it for everyone…..two hours of a different kind of experience.  By the time we were ready to walk out, the chemopain started to creep up, and I was so happy to get home and hit the bed.

I’m glad to have friends that are so interesting and are into really different and cool things like Indian cooking and Tai Chi.  I love the diversity, and it is all fitting into a good place with me at this time.  Thank you!


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3 Responses to “rollercoaster takes a turn up….”

  1. gaely Says:

    Wishing I could be stirring and chopping it up in your kitchen while telling tales of ‘yore (and creating new ones). I am so pleased you have such a wonderful group of friends in Ohio that are exposing you to the diversity that seems to be just the right mix at this time in your life. Kay Lynne…you’re now more than half way there, yes? Hang tight my friend and let those buoys in your life keep you bouncing along rather than slamming into it too hard. Love and tight squeezy hugs from the “left coast”.

  2. goodkarmacooking Says:

    To start I just wanted to say that I am so pleased to read about your stories and know you’re still loving life and cooking vivaciously. Also- I’m a big fan of the Toledo farmer’s market. Indian women do talk and cook really fast! Especially my mom and Indian Naan grillers who stick their hands in tandoors all day long. Great post! -Sup

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