Good News

Here is a quick post-

Today I went to a Retina Specialist as suggested by my eye doc last Thursday.  Good news is no big-deal-bad-problem……  This guy dilated my eyes, poked around just enough to be a tiny bit freaky, and then said, all looks OK, but be aware of the signs for retina and/or vitreous detachment.

Do you know the signs for a vitreous detachment?  They are: flashes of light, a large number of  “floaters”, or black spots in your field of vision.  Also “shadowing” of vision, like if a curtain has been pulled over your field of vision is a symptom of Retina Tears.  If you ever notice these symptoms, especially if they seem to come on suddenly, it is important to call your Doctor immediately, even if it is a weekend.  A retinal detachment can be very serious business.

Not something I thought I’d be thinking about in the middle of chemotherapy, but lucky for me, it was a “false alarm” of sorts.  Just something to keep an eye on.  (A little opthalmic humor……keeps my boat afloat!)

Now lets hope the Radiation Oncologist has the same kind of news for me on Thursday….I want them to say, “no way you need radiation!” because that will mean I’m almost done with the “active” phase of treatment.  I have all my fingers and toes crossed….won’t you cross yours too?


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