What a blessing!

What a good day today!  Began with a massage at The Victory Center (TVC).  While I was there, I had  the good fortune of running into one of my “adopted” Chinese sisters, Helen and her brother, Tom.  If you have heard me talk of Helen before, let me briefly explain this relationship:  soon after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, another friend suggested I call Helen as she (and her sister) had both recently been through the Breast Cancer Roller-coaster ride.  I eventually did call, and we immediately bonded.   There is nothing like having someone to talk to who is open and willing to share.  There were so many questions I had that I never had the time to ask my doctors, they would have never answered them anyways, but Helen did.  We spent hours and hours on the phone, and she allayed many of my fears.  Thanks, Helen, for giving me peace of mind when I needed it most. 

Then, later in the afternoon, I accompanied Kelly, the director of  TVC, to a speaking engagement of the most lovely group of women I think I’ve been around in a long time.  Now, I hope I get this title right….they were the National Association of Colored Business and Professional Women.  (If I have written that incorrectly, please comment on this blog and I’ll make the correction right away.)  First, Kelly spoke about what TVC is, and then I spoke about my experiences as a mother and caregiver, suddenly being in need of  “care-giving” and how TVC has played an important role in my acceptance, connection to others, and recovery from the treatment of BC.  Surprisingly, I was a little nervous…..this was the first time I have ever spoken in front of a group about my personal story.  I speak in front of people all the time as a teacher, but teaching a Junior High School class (which I lovelovelovelove!!!!) and speaking about “me” are two completely different things.

Well, let me tell ‘ya, I couldn’t have picked a better first time audience if I had tried.  These women just exuded acceptance, understanding, and compassion.  Wow-what a great group of women!  They were encouraging, and so very sincere.  When I finished my small part of the presentation, Kelly returned and explained in more detail how TVC functions, and how they serve any cancer patient free of charge.  We then fielded questions and comments from the ladies, and they were so incredibly kind!  It was just a “love-fest” of niceness all around, and lots of prayers sent my way.  Thank you ladies, so much for making my day wonderful!


For more information about The Victory Center, please go to:  www. thevictorycenter.org   BTW, the massage I began the day with was lovely!


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