good news/bad news

good news first-

I have completed three out of four chemotherapies sessions!!!  Only one more to go in three weeks!

My nurses at Uof M are incredible.  I love JOAN, Nurse Practitioner to Dr. Schottt, and I LOVE TERRI, who is always smiling and happy and treats you like you are her first and only customer of the day, and I LOVE the guy at the pharmacy, and my Chemo nurses always do such a good job of caring for me, even though I know they are SO BUSY!!!

My chemo today went off without any bad reactions this time…….but they really threw all the meds in they could think of first before the taxotere, which is behind the “badjuju” .  Only then,  it made me way more tired.

Bad news is they cancelled my 10:30 am appointment with Geeta, the PT.  Big disappointment.  Could have left at 11:00 or so instead of 8:15 am…… 

No one gave me any compelling advice one way or another on the Radiation issue.  I guess I really am on my own with this.

Also, my being gone so much is affecting my family poorly, too.  That make me sad.  I’m trying hard to kep up with everything AND have time for myself to focus, study, and meditate, but I guess it is not working out too well.  :^(      Any ideas?

Tomorrow I’ll tell you what Dr. Schott had to say about radiation, and the visit to Renee’s Survivor Shop.


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