not so pathetic today (I think)

Hey ya’ll,

Thanks for calling, emailing and leaving comments after my last pitiful post about how bad I felt.  It really was awful.  While I did get up twice in the middle of the night to fill up on Motrin, here it  is at 7:30 am and I am actually sitting upright and planning my day.  Oh, I have no illusions that I’ll be anywheres near normal, but at least I can sit up without the ache in my spine, which, I guess, means the meds have done as much damage as they can there and will be moving on.

Now hopefully I can get to my greatest anxiety right now, having good enough lesson plans for my wonderful substitute teacher who will be starting the school year for me.  Bless all of you who have called me to say, “Don’t worry about it!”, but I do worry about it.  I have never handed off my responsibilities to someone else before, and as long as I have an ounce of energy, I’m not going to start now, cancer or not.   If I can get in two good hours of work today, I’ll be really pleased.  Now I just hope the “chemo-brain” doesn’t become a factor, as it was kind of scary on Sunday and Monday to be in such a mental fog.

One good thing to look forwaqrd to in a wierd sort of way, I have an appointment with Dr. Muhammed tomorrow for a second opinion on radiation.  Even though I think I have decided to go ahead with radiation, I do need to know what my options are locally.  I’m worried about that whole thing too….but that’s just another part of my……what do I call this?  My summer vacation?  No….doesn’t quite work…my summer oddessey?  No, don’t care for that word…………don’t like “journey”, either.  It sure has been a trip, but not the fun kind.   I have met LOTS of new people, but really, as smart and nice as they are, could have done without my new business card collection. 

Wish me luck in the pain management game today!


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