no fair

Just no fair.  Last night was the first time since my last chemo (9 days ago) that I really felt good…no bone pain or fatigue.  Spent the evening at friends, kids swim in pool, cooked out, etc.  Like a normal person doing a normal thing, and actually having fun.  By the time we got home, I noticed an itchy splotchy rash going up my neck, onto my scalp.

This morning, still there……..managed to walk for about 20 minutes, came home found more rash, all over my shouders, back and neck and anywhere that clothing directly rubbed on my skin.  Laid down at noon, has only gotten worse since.  Hot, burning itchy yuckiness.

Fisrt call to Dr. recommended benydryl.  Have taken twice, hasn’t improved much.  Superfriend Kathy came over to ply me with ice cold wet cloths.  Helped for awhile, but back at square one now.  Right now waiting for call back from U of M.  I feel awful, disappointed, and to make things worse, I’ll probably miss the Unitarians again tomorrow.


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