mostly better


Today would have been my first day of school with students, but no, stupid cancer keeps me out of school for awhile yet.  Doesn’t have my mind though…I woke up with a fabulous idea for my “reduce, reuse and recycle” unit involving a pair of pants, two separate service projects and a small personal project.  I love it when design or lesson ideas are created in the subconscious mind.  A nice confirmation for me that my brain does have another channel other than cancer, chemo, and now, radiation.

I had the joy of taking my kids to register for their school today.  This is the last year they will both go to the same building for school until High School!  I was glad to be there, glad to meet their teachers, but after about an hour, I just hit my limit.  What used to be a normal thing, a duty that you wouldn’t even have thought twice about “having enough energy” for was suddenly too much for me.  I am so tired of this unpredictable nature of my current existence……  And I thought I was doing so well.  But there I go whining again.  Sorry. 



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