If all goes well, I should be sitting down and getting poked with a big needle for the last chemotherapy treatment in about 17 more hours (3:30 on Thursday).  Please send good thoughts, prayers, white light, funny jokes, inspirational dances, or whatever it is you think might help me get through it with no bad side effects.

I’m not really scared or anxious….the scary itchiness has sibsided.  Well, maybe I am a little anxious…I so badly want all to go well, I’m even making all kinds of “deals” with the universe and even God, too, just to cover all my bases.  I will get up early and walk to the river, meditate for a bit, do my “personal challenge race” up the 55 steps below the Perry Monument to stimulate positive endorphines, stop at the kids school to complete “bus paperwork” (firstborn child got on the wrong bus today) and then home to get ready to go to Ann Arbor for the whole day.

I’ll let you know how it goes.



  1. mike croke Says:

    Good luck today, I identified with your comments about missing the your students. I taught for 37 years ,mostly middle school.
    I like your gutsy courage. Books that stirred my my soul lately, The Art Of happiness by the Dalai Lama, The Outliers,The Omnivores Dilemma,
    The Botany of Desire, and one my son yold me to read Learned Optimism by Seligman. I always modify recipes to make them healthy.
    My half whole wheat, chicken artichoke fresh tomatoes, mushroom
    pizza is terrific. My spirit is with you. M Croke

    • kaylynne50 Says:

      Thanks for your nice comments. At this moment I am getting my last infusion (yippe!!) so I am soon to end this chapter of the cancer trip.

      I did find out that I should stay out of the classroom for 4 or 5 more weeks…….so sad, but I’ll survive….

      Once again thanks for the comments, and tell me more about the healthy chicken recipe!
      Kay-Lynne Schaller

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