wish me luck today

Wish me luck that I don’t go getting all emo over the “set up” appointment for radiation today.  Even though I know there will not be any rays zapping my body today, I know it is imminent.  And I’m kinda nervous.  I feel completely unprepared, feel like I should have questions for Rubin and the gang, but I don’t…

Send “brave” vibes my way all morning long please.  I should be done by 11:00 am I think..


2 Responses to “wish me luck today”

  1. Linda Says:

    Hope things went well for you today…and the days ahead.
    Cancer has touched are family many times…and the young are still fighting it.
    May your fight make you a champion.
    In prayer,
    Linda (thru K. Bradshaw)

  2. Mary Rosa Says:

    Hi, Kaylynne!
    This is Mary, Linda’s friend & your tablemate at the wonderful survivor breakfast. What a great blog you have!

    Hope it went well for you today. Flower is a great place to have radiation. Mel Kuhr is one of the wonderful people there. (I assume he’s still there.) He was a student at the same school where I used to teach. You never know where you’ll find students, even while on a radiation table!

    A couple of notes on subjects discussed in your blog…….
    The definition I’ve always heard is that you are a survivor from the day of diagnosis. Also, in your talking about wigs, I was reminded of the great & very economical place I purchased two wigs from before chemo. It was recommended by one of my chemo nurses, too. It’s in the Manhattan Street Kroger plaza & is called Char-Ming. Other people might be interested.

    Take care. All the best! Love & Prayers, Mary

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