Great News!

Some great news from a Doctor today! 

Yesterday, today and tomorrow I have dental appointments…today I sat in the chair of an endodontist (I think he is doctor number 11 or 12 since March) to evaluate the viability of a root canal I had done oh…about 25 years ago.  I was fully prepared for the worst news possible (after all, my luck ain’t been that great this year….) but was pleasantly surprised when he said that things look good, he wouldn’t guarantee it, but did not see any reason to redo the root canal.  In addition, Dr. P was quite forthcoming with information about bisphosphonates in general.  How nice for him to take the extra 5 minutes to provide information to somebody not likely to be a patient anytime soon.

Nice ending, too.

Ended the day by listening to a presentation by Dr. Butler (my cancer surgeon) as part of a series of speakers presented by Promedica at Hickman Cancer Center.  Wow, she is so smart.  Her presentation centered around healthful diet choices along with other behavioral factors to “take control of your health.”  One useful piece of information:  “The most important benefit of exercise is that you may reduce the risk of cancer recurrance by boosting the body’s immune system.”  Thats what I mean to do with each step of my daily walks now!


One Response to “Great News!”

  1. gaely Says:

    To piggy back on the diet part of your comment I wanted to share this with you. My former gyn. is a breast cancer survivor. Because of nerve damage in her hands caused by the chemo., she is now doing a Fellowship with UCSF on the environmental causes of cancer. A couple items she really stressed were the plastics we use (can’t seem to get away from) and the pesticide laced food we ingest because the chemicals are not heavily regulated. Here’s one web site that gives the top twelve foods (non organic) that are laden with pesiticides and the top twelve that are not so much…. . Walk on sister!!!! Love you.

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