back to work plan

Well today I took a big step in reclaiming my old life.  I stopped by school to talk to my principal and long term substitute teacher about my “return to work” plan.  It was a good day to do this, too, as it was one of the “cook-out” potlucks organized by our amazing and wonderful staff, so everyone came to the lunchroom.  I had the opportunity to at least say hello and show off my new stubbly hairdo.

What a nice group of people I work with.  I received a lot of great big hugs, well wishes, and even some lovely gifts (jewlery!!)  I am a little bit apprehensive about returning to a full work day, but I couldn’t possibly ask for a better place, or better people to work with.  So here is the plan:  I have been released for part-time work for 2 weeks, and after that, I think it is my call, but I plan to be working full time by the middle of October.  The way I plan to organize the “part time” plan is to work for three days in a row beginning on Tuesday.  There might be easier ways to work 24 hours in one week, but I think this is better for the students.  At least I hope it is…

Now, of course, I haven’t started my “radiation” yet.  I am still waiting for “the call” which will tell me when I start the treatment and what time of day.  I sure hope they got the message that as a teacher, I can only do this after 3:30 pm, otherwise it will ruin my carefully laid out plans.  Of course, I know that at the Cancer Center, they have lots of other priorities other than my wishes to plan around…

I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I hear something tomorrow (Friday) so I don’t have to endure the weekend still with all this uncertainty.


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4 Responses to “back to work plan”

  1. Mary Rosa Says:

    Hi, Kay-lynne!
    To ease your thoughts, as I recall, it takes a couple of weeks after the initial visit to start radiation. I remember because I was anxious to start, too. Thanks for the new posting. I was wondering if you were teaching. I worked during my treatments, but I wasn’t a teacher then. Take care. Love & Prayers & Understanding, Mary

  2. Mary Rosa Says:

    Oh, an addendum: Don’t worry….The Center people go all out to accomodate a person’s schedule.

  3. Cathy Z Says:

    My mom just finish radiation a couple of weeks ago. She would recommend that you use the cream to help with skin issues generously.
    I am sure going back to work will lift you in many ways.
    take care!

  4. Marilynn Wentland Says:

    Hey KL,

    You go girl, as Oprah would say!


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