Back to work, I think….

Well tomorrow, I will be back at work….I think.  As of Friday afternoon my “release to work” document had not arrived yet at my supervisor’s office…..  I am hoping it maybe went to the wrong place and is waiting for someone to “claim it”.  Or maybe this is just one more thing for me to get anxious about (already has happened.)  However, at this point, I am also anxious about returning to school, too….anxious about how kids are going to react to me with my new “look”, a kinda’ bald, and stubbly hair (not attractive).

One thing I will really miss is the early morning walks I have religiously completed.  It is slightly more than 2 miles and includes a steep, stone staircase 55 steps up and 55 going down.  I have looked at the daily exercise as my “job” since both oncology docs have stressed the importance of exercise to my recovery.  I have walked, even on days I really didn’t feel like it, and most days completed more than the 2 miles, including the wickedly difficult stone staircase.  For someone who was a “hit or miss” exerciser, this is pretty good for me.



Just in case you were wondering……I am participating in the 16th Annual Susan G. Komen Northwest Ohio Race for the Cure on September 27, 2009.   If you are interested in making a donation, you can visit   and visit my donation page where you can make a gift via your credit card. Simply click “Donate to a Participant” and look me up by first name: Kay-Lynne

I am wholly uncomfortable asking people for money, so this is the only time I’ll mention it, but I am thrilled that I am halfway to my goal of a $100.00 donation!  The Komen Foundation raises money for the battle against breast cancer through education, screening, treatment and research. Best of all, up to 75% of the funds raised stay in our 24 county Northwest Ohio community. The remaining 25% funds the Komen Foundation Award and Research Grant Program.


Also, the Student Academy of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (SAAAPA) at The University of Toledo is sponsoring the 3rd Annual “Race for Victory”5K Run/3K Walk on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009, at Swan Creek Preserve Metropark in Toledo. All net proceeds raised by this event will be donated to The Victory Center.  Of course, if you have read any of my blog, you know how much I love TVC which is a non-profit organization. It is not a government agency nor is it a recipient of United Way funds. Every dollar raised from individual donations, foundation grants, corporate or business contributions, and special events is earmarked to provide programs for cancer patients like me and their family members.   Unfortunately, TVCand the SAAAPA group does not have a handy “click it and donate” function on their website, but if you are motivated to donate, you can send your check to: 5532 W. Central Ave. Suite B, Toledo. OH 43615  (PH: 419-531-7600)   or visit the Victory Center’s website: 

There.  Done with the solicitation. (Took me three days to get the nerve to write and post this.)


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