Help! I laid down and can’t get back up!

So today, day two back at work, taught for 4 classes, then at lunch laid down and couldn’t get back up.  Seriously.  I knew the bell had rung and just laid there.  Now I didn’t abandon a bunch of kids in my classroom….I knew my wonderful substitute would just pick up the ball, but I really could barely move, let alone try to teach a class.  I think it is all the energy work I had this summer which permits me to quickly fall into a deep relaxation, so with just a 30-40 minute “chill out” I felt so much better and headed back to the classroom.  Although I did have a few teary moments when I thought about how inefficient I was at that moment.  I felt like my body and mind weren’t cooperating, and being the owner of both of them, I am unable to make them mind.  Again….it’s hard when you are not used to being weak.

Then you just have to figure out how to scrape yourself up and move on.

Did have some good news though.  Got the call about the start of radiation.  Next Tuesday at 9:30 am.  Lucky me, I get two time slots for some reason.  More on the next post, time to fall asleep now.


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