The radiation schedule

Now, for the moment I have been waiting for………(drumroll optional)…..The Radiation Schedule! 

Finally got the phone call (waited 8 days from the set-up appointment) and found out I’m a “two-fer” girl.  Most people get only one appointment time, one 15 minute time slot, but I get two appointments,a 30 minute time slot!   I don’t really understand why (unless it is just that I’m so damned important!).  Hopefully I will get the time to ask questions on my first date with the radiation girls, but I won’t hold my breath.  So far, my impression of the radiation folks is that they are veryveryvery busy, and really are just trying to get their job done, and will answer the questions if they can do so while they are doing some kind of busy work out of your field of vision.  Maybe I’m being unfair….but that is just my impression at this point time.  I’ll have 28 consecutive daily opportunities to get a better perspective. 

The sweet sounding woman who called me with my schedule told me that trying to schedule a double appointment is very difficult, and she had to jump around for times, but this is what I got:

The first appointment is this coming Tuesday, September 29 from 9:30 to 10:00.  Feel free to think of me then.  I know I’ll be a little anxious about the whole thing.

Then the next 7 appointments are at 2:30, which will necessitate me working only a half day.  This really disappointed me at first, but since my first three days back at school were less than successful at teaching all 7 periods, maybe it is OK.

After that, my appointments are at 3:30.  Lucky me, I get to wake up at 4:45 to get ready to go to work, work a full day teaching 120+ kids, and when the end-of-the-day-bell rings, dash up route 23 to Flower Hospital to get irradiated.  Then scurry home to pick up kids, do homework, make dinner, figure out what the hell I am teaching the next day before the next day arrives……….every day until November 5th.

Really, I am grateful.  I am aware daily that I am lucky to be going through this, lucky that it was discovered before it destroyed any more of me.  Now that I am back at work, life is zooming by quickly!  While this is good on one hand, I miss the reflection time.  I am teaching two new classes this year, and even though it is familiar content, it all needs to be rearranged which requires thought and some new resources.  I welcome the change of topics for my brain, but it has added anxiety (again) to my already full plate of mixed emotions and concerns.  I want more time for more research, though I don’t really know why.  I have read so much already about this part of my treatment……I think that perhaps the studying has been like a security blanket for me.  The more effort I put into understanding, the less intimidating it is, or the better I can visualize the processes occurring in this struggle of medicine versus cancer.

Tomorrow, downtown Toledo will be splashed with pink.  The Komen walk will take over the streets.  I have mixed feelings about doing this, but I’ll be there with my sons.  I’ll tell you more about it later.


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