yea for today!

What a day I have planned!  In about 30 minutes I leave for work (6:30 am).  Then I will be at school until about 11:45 when I leave to get to T-Town for my first Dr. appointment with a new doc at 1:00.  I should be finished with that in just enough time to get to Flower Hospital to get into my lovely little gown and bathrobe to see my friends Donna and Natalie, my “radiators”.  And because today is what they call a green service day I get to see Dr. Rubin, my Radiation Oncologist, or as I like to think of him, Cancer Killer’ Man.  I have actually become kind of fond of him, but I guess that is probably good considering the extreme level of trust I have placed in him to make the plan of not too much, not too little, but just the right amount of killer rays from their big bad radiation machine in Radiation Suite C.

After the whole fun radiation thing, I’ll dash home to get the boys, throw some food their way (maybe I’ll even indulge them in their current gustatory delight, “Swanson Frozen Dinners”.  Kind of a slap in the face to this Home Ec. teacher, but but I feel like I ‘ben slapped so much this year I don’t even feel it anymore!) take Louie to our fabulous pretend grandparents down the street, and Charlie and friend to their “college class” LEGO Vehicle Construction at Owens Community College.  Then I get an hour or so to chill out, pick up both boys and home for bedtime routine.

If you can figure out how I can fit some exercise in there let me know.  Remember, the people who exercise everyday don’t feel fatigued with the radiation.


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