A really quick tip

If you know anyone who has had  chemotherapy lately and has lost their hair, here is something you can do for them.

Get ’em a hat.   If you knit, get really soft yarn, not itchy stuff.  If you have even minimal sewing skills, sew them a simple hat (directions in next post).  If you have no domestic arts skills, go buy something. 

Oh, and don’t forget a scarf for their neck.  That gets cold, too.

TRUST ME ON THIS, the bald and nearly bald people will be quite grateful!

Ohio is cool this October, and while everyone else around here is happy for the change in season, all I can think about  is: How do I keep my head warm? 

As much as I am obsessed with matching jewelery, I am dedicated to having my hats match my outfit.  Makes keeping the ol’ noggin’ comfy kind of difficult.  But today…actually in the last hour I think I may have resolved my dilemma quite delightfully at my sewing machine.  I’m just full ‘o joy right now!!

Gotta go hang out with the Unitarians now, but I’ll ‘splain more later!!


2 Responses to “A really quick tip”

  1. dawn h-s Says:

    I am reallly enjoying your blog. We are both in the Toledo area…I’m in Bowling Green. I just met Dr. Barone for the first time…he’s my friend’s surgeon. He’s not my doctor. It’s nearly 2:00 the night before my 4th chemo and I can’t sleep, even with the help of sleep pills. The 4th of 6. My last one is right before Thanksgiving.

    And I agree about the hats. I have begun a HUGE collection of hats and scarves, and have been very thankful for the heavier ones this past, chilly week. A friend made me 4 really awesome fleece hats and a couple others have knit me some soft wool ones. I’m awaiting a bamboo kint sleeping hat.

    I have yet to visit the Victory Center. It’s hard to fit trips in to feeling up to it and working full time. But your encouraging reports have prompted me to look into it more seriously.

    Thanks for your blog.

  2. Cathy Z Says:

    I have my winter hats you can barrow too if you’d like. They’ll keep you head toasties warm!

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