rectangle ‘o red

Eleven days of radiation and I can definitively report the “tradeoff” for having such a good time in the radiation suite.  I may not have the bone pain, the body aches, the mental fogginess and all the other unsavory side effects that lovely chemotherapy provides, but what I DO have quite distinctly now is what I affectionately call my rectangle ‘o redAs of now, it is most visible in the shower when warm water hits my skin, but it is definately a rectangle.  the bottom short side of the rectangle traverses my lower left rib, and follows up my side midline.  Can’t tell much about the long side on the middle of my chest because of “scarface” and ribs showing and all the ugly stuff already there. 

sigh………..used to be such a cute little chest.

Yea, I know we are killin’ cancer here, and it really is a kind of assault on your own body.  Guess I am glad that my “radiators” (technicians N. and D.) are lining me up so well  that I can see the lines of demarkation.  But still.  I’m having kind of a hard time with how it is ruining my skin.


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