fifty and fatigued

too pooped to post.  overwhelmed with obligations.  All I really want to do is write, but I am getting freaked out by what’s NOT getting done that should be done (at work.)  I’ll write something after a visit with the unitarians.

I’ll say it again, radiation is NOT easier than chemotherapy.  not for me anyways.



2 Responses to “fifty and fatigued”

  1. Cheryl Deutsch Says:

    Your feelings are understandable; please know gaggles of people love you and you don’t have to be upbeat and make the gaggles giggle and if you’re tired, people grasp it!

    Please, you must give yourself a break; can’t you work “half-time” during this course of treatment (or less)? Occasionally, when I go to yoga class I see ABLE bodies benefiting from worker’s comp and /or medical disabilities and they’re healthy! They maintain an ever so sly smile when they define their conditions. Most reason, “My doctor said I’d be out for a year. I felt better three months ago but, I’m going to take every comp payment and enjoy it. I deserve it.”

    With your job, two children, a husband, a house and a dog to worry about, PLUS your treatments and the malaise of reactions . . .WHY are you working full-time?

    Who do I call? Work Busters? Radiation Raiders? Tell me. Love to YOU and all

  2. gaely Says:

    Well said Cheryl…I concur! Why oh why superwoman?!

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