Finally.  Today I finally received my first infusion of the bisphosphonate clinical trial drug, Zometa.  If all goes well, Zo and I are going to be friends for three years.  Once a month, I’ll go get hooked up to an IV line at Flower Hospital, to further the study investigating the effects of Zoledronic Acid for breast cancer patients.  According to drugs.com, “Zoledronic acid inhibits the release of calcium from bones.  Zometa is used to treat high blood levels of calcium caused by cancer (hypercalcemia of malignancy). Zometa also treats multiple myeloma (a type of bone marrow cancer) or bone cancer that has spread from elsewhere in the body.”  All nice thoughts (especially since my mom died of multiple myeloma).

Actually I was really anxious about this.  Like, way more anxious than was warrented…I think.  Unfortunately, this form of the drug has one big drawback, “Some people using medicines similar to Zometa have developed bone loss in the jaw, also called osteonecrosis of the jaw. Symptoms of this condition may include jaw pain, swelling, numbness, loose teeth, gum infection, or slow healing after injury or surgery involving the gums. You may be more likely to develop osteonecrosis of the jaw if you have cancer or have been treated with chemotherapy, radiation……”  –Obviously an infusion won’t begin jaw death, but apparently it was worrisome enough for my psyche to mess with my head for today. 

more later, I just dozed off at the keyboard………….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ………



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