three for thursday

Have three appointments today.  Doctor, Victory Center, Radiators.

I am really looking forward to seeing Veronica at The Victory Center…..her speciality is called Healing Touch, and she is wonderful.  It has been such a shame that since I have gone back to work full time (kind of, anyways) that I don’t have time to receive services at TVCThis is the stuff, the healing energy that makes all the other medical therapies bearable.

And speaking of other medical therapies…I am thrilled to say that two days post zometa, I have no adverse efffects.  Mainly, no bone pain.  I was quite concerned about that, given the blog reports a quick search on wordpress provided.

And the radiation?  I try to make it the best experience possible, I have GREAT CD’s to listen to (thanks to superfriend-Kathy) I take advantage of the 20 minutes on the table to meditate, I have a pleasant relationship with everyone I encounter…I pretend like all the nurses are my friends, and I’m on a social visit, but in reality, it really sucks.  I have nothing good to say about it, other than the killin’ cancer part, of course.  Good thing I like my radiators, Donna and Natalie.  Otherwise it would be really intolerable.  Actually, nearly every nurse at Hickman has been wonderful.  It’s kinda’ like the old TV show “Cheers”…….it’s a place where everybody knows your name.  Of course, I’d much rather be at a bar where everybody knows my name, but that’s not my place in the universe right now.


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One Response to “three for thursday”

  1. Heather Says:

    Hey, Kay-Lynne,

    Forgive me if I’ve missed this somewhere in your blog, but is the radiation painful? What is bad about it? I know you are burned, so I’m figuring it means that you are in pain. Sending warm thoughts your way on this chilly Halloween night.


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