awww geez…………

Oh for God’s sake.  Here it is 4:51 am on Monday morning , coffee is brewing, I’m just trying to get dressed for work, and I can’t find my new boob.  Somewhere in all that emotional instability of the last radiation on last Friday, I took the damn thing off, and…I don’t know where she is.

Guess I’ll go find a couple of old shoulder pads to quick-like stitch together to stick up under my shirt to create a pathetic bump-for-a-boob.  Thank goodness I’m doing a lab demo today, maybe with a couple layers of shirt and an apron it won’t look too bad..

Honestly.  I have no idea where the stupid thing is.  Funny how your brain blocks some things out.


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One Response to “awww geez…………”

  1. Judie Hotelling Says:

    KayLynne, I just read your journal today about the lost boob! What a wonderful journel you have and you made me laugh a lot today. Been on a 8 week chemo vacation and it has unfortunately has come to a sudden halt. A new type starts Monday with a pump for 2 days and then they take it off after 24 hours and get to rest for 2 weeks. The hair is growing back and coming in silver instead of the red as I had requested and now I am going to loose it again. I needed your entry today as I had just found this out today. You are a true inspirtation since meeting you at our Look Good Feel Better make-up class. I love Dr. R is soooo correct about cancer patients not getting the pain meds they need. Much Love to you and your beautiful journel. Judie

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