real “fake” boob and my fancy bra

OK, I’m going to stop bitching about Susan Love for just a second here to tell you about just how darn exciting it was last night to put on my fancy prosthetic-holding bra, with my real (fake) “weighted” boob tucked neatly in her pocket.  It is the first time in about a month that I have been able to put on a “real” bra due to the pain and burned skin from radiation.

Cool-Paula and Bill had the premier opening of their new gallery, River House Arts with:

Rediscovering a Middle-American Abstract Expressionist  Clay Walker (1924 – 20008)

and I was lucky enough to go, and lucky enough to get all dressed up with two real looking boobs.  The boobs under my shirt, I mean.  It was great fun, and I felt good, and the remaining discomfort from radiation was mitigated by medication, so I was able to ignore it for a night. 

Simple pleasure, yes, but significant for me.


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One Response to “real “fake” boob and my fancy bra”

  1. gaely Says:

    yay!!!! Nothing like the simple pleasures brought to life to bring appreciation to one. Things are looking/sounding better for you….I’m very pleased. So far away yet so very there in thoughts your way…with lots and lots of love for you my long time friend.

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