I’ve been thinking about the things we take for granted

such as the hair in our eyebrows.  This was the hair area that was the last to leave, and is now, 11 weeks after the last chemo, finally coming back in with gusto!  These past few months I tried to ignore the fact that I missed the little buggars….just penciled ’em in, and tried not to look at a mirror all day.  But now…..now I spend more time than I’d like to admit inches away from the mirror marveling at just how many hairs go into making an eyebrow.  Did you know that the average human eyebrow has about 500 hairs?  And I’m pretty sure I lost about 450 of them per brow, but the follicles are no longer inhibited by the chemo meds, cells are reproducing like crazy now, and I am absolutely delighted about this!  I never realized how much I LOVE my eyebrows! 

And the hair on your head….well, let me just tell you, head hair is more than just for “pretty”.  It’s dang cold without any hair in November in Ohio!  Sometimes I get kind of tired wearing the hats, but there is no option….especially in an old house like ours, it is too expensive to heat toasty-warm all the time, so I walk around with hoodies and hats now that Fall has taken firm hold of Northwest Ohio and is not letting go. 

But, my hair IS coming back in!   This image was taken a little more than two months after my last chemotherapy infusion.


November 2009

And for those of you that know me….what do you think of the new hairdo?  Quite a departure from the original, isn’t it?  I assume that it will get curly as it gets longer, whatddya think?  And who knew I had so much silver hair?  So now the question is….do I keep it au naturel?  I have become accustomed to the simplicity of  not having hair.  And actually, I have found it suits me, the 5 second “style” is really convenient. 

Unfortunately, without a massive mess of curly hair to distract the eye….all the lines and crows feet are way more apparent now.   Yea, that’s kind of a problem.  But, one I guess I’ll just have to ignore.  Whether I like it or not I think I earned all those age lines, given what I’ve been through this year.  And really, I am grateful to be alive.  And I’m grateful to be feeling better, even though it is usually only for a half day at a time.   Cancer really changes your perspective on everything.


Image by Bill Jordan.  Check out his site at:


or his new venture, http://www.river-house-arts.com/


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One Response to “I’ve been thinking about the things we take for granted”

  1. gaely Says:

    Now who wouldathunk it….you with straight hair and my dad’s came back in curly…hmmmmm. I’m liking that silver my friend. loving you.

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