Arimidex it is.

On November 19th, I received the following email:

Hi Kay-Lynne,

Your estradiol (estrogen) level was less than 10.  You can start the arimidex and get your labs repeated in two weeks as we planned.


And with that simple sweet message from my Nurse Practitioner, I was officially informed that I am probably in menopause (compliments of chemotherapy) and therefore in line to receive the slightly more effective hormone blocking drug, arimidex.  This is the most effective intervention in my entire cancer fightin’ battle plan (other than that mastectomy thing) and here we are eight and a half months after diagnosis, finally getting around to it.  Seems kind of backwards, to save the best stuff for last, but for a bunch of complex reasons I don’t have the energy to discuss, it’s just the accepted protocol (for my kind of cancer)…..  Surgery first, next chemo, than radiation, then hormone blocking/inhibiting medications.  Finally. 

Finally.  Are we there yet?  Depends on which there.  I am “there” if there means the end of the really invasive, get-in-your-car-and-go-to-it kinds of therapies.  The “you-know-this-is-gonna-be-not-fun” kind of treatments.  Yea, for at least the next 7 months, no more painful procedures (I think).  Just drugs every day, and “cross your fingers and hope not to die” that the bad side effects won’t come to roost in my poor little body.

Poor pharmacist, I was kind of a pill (HA!  A little drug humor!) on Saturday when I went to pick up the prescription.  As she listed off the potential side effects I should be aware of, I blurted back a guffaw and a smartass response.

Pharmacist:  You need to be aware of any chest pain.       me:  HA!  I already got it!  Burned on one side, stretched tight on the other side!  Been uncomfortable for so long it almost feels like normal!

Pharmacist:   Potential for reflux    me:  urp!….already got that too.  That came with the radiation.    

Pharmacist:   Fatigue      me: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ   already so tired………….

 Pharmacist:  hot flashes       me: Oh! excuse me while I rip of my hat/top/coat/ shirt/ whatever……….!!

and so on and so forth.  Every potential side effect, I already know on some level.  I eventually stopped being a jerk and took my drugs and went home. 

And there it was on a Saturday afternoon, all by myself,with no nurse, technician, beeping piece of equipment or Monster of  a Machine, I took my first arimidex.  Nobody in the house gave a hoot for the irony of the situation……  Probably for the best, I guess.  After all this time, tons of appointments, lots of interventions, the most important drug is gulped down without even a weakly sung fanfare!

So three days of arimidex down and 1,822 to go.  Fatigue is making me nod off at the keyboard.  I’ll have to tell you about todays’ Zometa#2 another time.



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