Not enough time……

So I have been thinking about this post since Thanksgiving, but on my new drug regimen I fall asleep even earlier than I did on Radiation alone.  Means less time to get the same amount of stuff done.  Makes “getting it all done” difficult, therefore it all gets done later.  Waaaaay later.  It would have stressed the “old me” out, but the “new me” just kind of sighs……..and moves on. 

So, here is my late, Thanksgiving “grateful list”, not in any particular order.

Of course, I am so grateful for my husband for keeping everything together while I have fallen apart this year.  I don’t know how I would have made it through without him.  And I appreciate and adore my boys, even though at times it is challenging to hold onto that thought, they do add depth and love to my life.  And as a family, we were all so grateful for my sister Karen for being “mom” to all of us for those three weeks after surgery.  We really needed all the caring and love you freely gave us.

I love my medical team.    Dr. Barone, my goodness, what a great listener and patient man.  I am amazed that you permit me so many questions without once looking at your watch.  I am grateful for your caring concern, and also for your incredible staff.  From the nurses in your office to the office staff that greets me when I walk in, I feel like the most important person there. 

Dr. Butler….you are so intense.  I’m glad of it, too.  Although back in March and April and May I was a little intimidated by you, in my new life since, I understand your recommendations so much better.  Thanks for being so….forceful.  I appreciate your experience now.

Dr. Schott and all the people at U of M, especially NP Joan.  I felt so totally lucky to have been there this past summer.  All of the people at U of M were so good!  The nurses are so incredible, and made each scary chemotherapy infusion an entirely bearable experience.

The radiation decision was particularly difficult.  Back in Ohio for the fall of 2009, I very carefully chose Dr. Rubin, and what a smart, quirky, perceptive guy.  So lucky to have found him…and everyone at Hickman Cancer Center…from the front medical receptionists to the nurses (xoxo’s for Pat) and of course my fabulous “radiators”, Natalie and Donna.  Seeing you everyday, I came to think of you as my new BFF’s, and it made the whole experience easier.  Thank you for making me feel important everyday. 

Of course, I am deeply in debt to Cindy Parke, CNM, it was your thorough examination back in February that discovered cancer.  I can’t even think of the words to describe my gratitude for your experience and recommendations.

The Victory Center is wonderful.  Boy do I love you all!  You have no idea how your services, your friendliness and smiling faces have helped me.  I credit the healing touch, and reiki and sound therapy for my speedy recovery.

My friends have also been so incredibly supportive.  There are too many of you to name and I’m afraid I’d leave someone out.  I love those of you who sent cards and e-mail…my goodness, you’ll never know how each one lifted my spirits.  I still have them all.  Some of you went way out of your way to make food and bring it over for me and my family.  You know how much good food means to me…especially when I wasn’t able to do it myself….thank-you, thank-you!  And those of you who offered to take the boys for an afternoon, or watch them while I went on any of a hundred Dr appointments…you are golden!  I can honestly say I never worried about my boys while in your care!  Those offers of assistance meant so much to me and to Lou, too!  And all of the special gifts, the hats and the shawls, and the CD’s and the flowers and the scarves and the jewelry and the angels and the chocolates and….I could go on and on.  Each gift really meant something special to me.  Thank-you!

My surrogate family, the Unitarians.  Boy do I appreciate you all.  You always ask how I am doing, and have helped with food and rides and child care and housecleaning and cards and visits and hugs and love.  You are the best group of big sisters and brothers and mothers and fathers I could have ever asked for.  I am grateful to know you all.

My Penta Family and my Anthony Wayne Family-wow.  Most people would think having two bosses would be double stress, but I have been incredibly lucky here.  I work for the best group of Superintendents and Principals and Supervisors ever!  Kind and thoughtful and helpful and generous with the praise.  What about nurse Juli… could I be so lucky?  Thank you for being there when I was so new to this cancer business, and being a calm voice, and an experienced sounding board.   And my teacher friends are the greatest, too.  Thank you for the many, many supportive things you have done for me in the last year.  Of course, my students have just been golden.  I value their bright enthusiastic attitudes so much.  Being with these incredible kids makes getting back to work such a priviledge.  In addition, I have met some wonderful, thoughtful parents of students.   Your many kind words have really humbled me.

 Well, once again I am nodding out at the keyboard, and I really haven’t finished all I wanted to say, much less polish up the writing.  But for tonight this is gettin’ published, and I just hope it’s good enough.  So many of you have been so good to me.


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