So today, December 1st, I am 51.  Sure the hell hope it is a better year than 50 was. 

Last year I had the best birthday party ever!  The best party I ever had, outside of our wedding.  Of course, a couple of months later, my world changed with the cancer diagnosis.

So this year?  Decidedly different.  No party.  No big celebration.  If I’m lucky, Lou will come home early enough to at least get a “take-out” dinner.  Of course, post radiation and with new meds and hot flash fun going on at all hours after midnight, I’m not much good past nine pm.   I’m kind of afraid to celebrate too heartily this year.

School was good though.  Had hundreds of really wonderful Jr. High students singing “Happy Birthday” to me all day long, thanks to BFF Laura for making that little fun happen.  Wonderful teachers and super secretaries and administrators wishing me well.  BNE (Best Neighbors Ever) Faye and John stopped by with a singing card and a Jan Pugh “cabbage bowl”.  (Something I always wanted!)

So, cautiously, I move into 51.  Holding my breath.  Keeping my fingers crossed……


3 Responses to “51”

  1. Christen Says:

    Happy Birthday my friend. Good things will come this year, I just know it!! We all love you!

  2. Cheryl Deutsch Says:

    Your dialogue with the pharmacist made me laugh and I thank you for that! That’s what makes reading your blog inspirational. Despite the pain and muck you’re “maintaining” with that wonderful sense of irony.

    Listen you young whippersnapper . . . 51 . . .? You’re a mere novice when it comes to numbers, no more than a toddler. Nonetheless, I didn’t know your day of birth was yesterday. Have a beautiful birthday week, month and 2010. So, what did Lou pick up for dinner?

  3. Cathy Z Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!
    I see sunshine and rainbows coming your way! (with a few snow flurries)

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