so maybe I lie just a little

Like when people ask me how I am.  I try to very cheerily reply, “Just fine!”  when really I am so tired I can hardly believe it.  How can this be?  It has been a month since my last radiation.  Three months since my last chemotherapy and I’m still tired?  I’m doing the bare minimum at work, although I did, finally last week manage to make it through the entire week.  The first pay period since March of last year that I did not have at least a couple of sick days logged on.  I would have taken a “rest day” except that I am dangerously low on available sick days, and I am so concerned that I might actually get sick…you know….with something other than cancer, and need to use those sick days.  I hate to just waste them on something like resting now.

Falling asleep at the laptop.  More later.



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