sleep math

I always hated story problems in math.  Here is a good one:

day four of awake at 2:30 from hot flashes this morning (except I don’t really like calling it morning…morning usually means getting ready to start my day, and I am really so not ready to start the day yet….)

so.  awake at 2:30, now it is 4:04.  Alarm clock usually goes off at 4:35.  Today I’ll hit snooze a couple times until 5:00.  Need to leave for work early (out the driveway by 6:15) to get stuff done that I can’t do at home because I’m so so so tired, and demands of family and children suck up all energy after 4:00 pm.  Can’t allow myself to sleep before 9:00 pm or else I’ll be awake even earlier.

Which variable can I manipulate to eliminate the dog-tired effects of post radiation fatigue and hot flash sleep inhibitors? 

Take your best guess.  Please show your work.


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