Dear Santa,

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for visiting my house this year.  Even though I know it must have been real difficult to figure out how to make it all work with the global economy in the dumps and all.  My kids seemed to recognize the newer, leaner Christmas, but they still really enjoyed the gifts you brought them and I think Lou and I filled in the gaps pretty well, too.  You still probably should have brought something big for Lou though.  Poor guy already feels dissed at work, and then has a fairly nonfunctional wife at home on top of it all too.  A new set of clubs might have been a real nice gesture for the inconveniences I have provided this year.

And while I do like my new watch, it is time of another sort that I didn’t receive (yet) that I would still like to have.  Can you still do anything about that?   Like, I would like to receive test results in a more timely fashion.  I know such a big holiday messes business schedules up, but could I get blood test results back in under a week for the new year?  I don’t mind the getting poked part, if I could just know the answers quicker.  The anxiety that organically foments by delayed test results is a difficult thing for me to control.

cancer is a drag, but I can deal with it if the health care system cooperates.



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