Zometa #4

Today is a “hospital Day”, at Hickman Cancer Center for an appointment with yet another new medical person, Dr. Rubin’s Physician’s Assistant “Jennifer”.  I’m just a bit disappointed to not see the R-man, but I hear she is wonderful, so I guess I get to add yet another business card to my towering stack of all the medical professionals I have met who I’ve shed my  shirt for. 

Today is also my fourth Zometa infusion.  Getting this drug is like a walk in the park compared to chemotherapy.  I receive the infusion in the chemotherapy center and feel just a  little guilty walking in and then out again in an hour or so when the chemo people are in for the loooong infusions.  Just to make sure it is not completely pleasant though, I bet I get admonished again to “drink more water to plump up your veins!”   Kind of an annoyance, that nurse.

All in all though, I know I am lucky.  Lucky to have the most difficult part of cancer treatment behind me, and a nice break to build up my strength and spirit before the reconstruction surgery this summer.  Check back tonight, I’ll let you know how it goes.


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